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Where to go in a Zombie Apocalypse 

By Taj Pillot, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The four points to look for

Population density 

Assuming that this Is a bloodborne zombie pathogen with zombies that can run a 15 min mile and had a 100% infection rate after a transmission. With technology created by epidemiologists to track how fast different diseases would spread in a place of the users choosing, it allows you to find out the places to avoid the most. With that information it would mean it would take about 1000 hours or 41 days, a little over a month for zombies to over run the USA. It’s especially bad in highly populated areas like New York where as soon as the virus arrived you would have 4 hours to leave Manhattan before everyone becomes a zombie.

Water sources 

Humans can’t live 3 days without water and will end up dying because of dehydration. Since there are no workers manning water filtration and distillation sites avoid the suburbs and any cities especially on the coast. So a survivor needs to find a lake or some fresh water source to live next to for water runs. 

Cold enough to kill insects

There are insects that bite humans and can transfer a virus or sickness to itsit’s victims, as you can imagine this is bad because of easy transmission from insect to host instead of zombie to host. Plus there are millions of mosquitos that can do just that, so you need to avoid places in warmer climates near fresh water sources if you are in a warmer climate but preferably it should be cold enough for no mosquitos. 

Warm enough to grow food 

In contrast to the last point you also need to find a place warm enough to grow food for yourself or family since the supply chain for everything is gone and food will run out sooner or later. With different temperatures across seasons different crops should be planted to make sure everything isn’t the same everyday for a survivor’s mental health. 


In conclusion a person should avoid high population density areas like coast or cities and be able to find a place warm and cold enough to keep or biting insects and to be able to grow crops, and last but not least a place near a freshwater source. From all of these points I have found the best place in the world to go to in a zombie apocalypse, Ontario Canada. It has all of the listed points and is quite isolated and beautiful so it should feel like a get away retreat

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