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About The Pawprint

Since 2004 The Pawprint has been Dubai American Academy’s online school news site.

The Pawprint covers a variety of topics including current events, student life, entertainment, sports, and opinion.

The paper is entirely student-created, combining the abilities of a number of amateur journalists and photographers. The Pawprint plans on entering the digital world through this website in order to achieve a greater timeliness with its articles.

– The Pawprint Staff


Rishi Sharma – rishi.s_daa@gemselearning.com

Managing Editors 

Samantha Loomes – samantha.l_daa@gemselearning.com

Jessica Loomes – jessica.l1_daa@gemselearning.com

News Editor


Feature Editors

Soyeon Park

Kaya Geha

Opinion Editor

Maya Hariz

Science & Technology Editor

Erkan Nasirli

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sebastian West

Sports Editors

Seif Frieg

Carlos Resino

Pawzfeed Editor

Eryk Schumacher


Mr. Paul McMahon – p.mcmahon_daa@gemsedu.com

Website managed by:

Andras Repas

Website creators

Margaret Lee, Munira Alrubaian, and Nabil Alansari

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