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Greener flights would cost more

By: Andreea Dibo, Health & Environment, The Pawprint

According to an organization representing the UK aviation sector, the cost of decarbonizing air travel will undoubtedly increase ticket costs and discourage some people from taking to the skies.

Sustainable Aviation had stated that actions like switching to more expensive sustainable aviation fuel will “inevitably reduce passenger demand”.

But despite the slightly higher costs, it was discovered that individuals still want to fly.

By 2050, it was stated, the number of passengers per year is still anticipated to increase by around 250 million.

An association of businesses called Sustainable Aviation includes carriers like British Airways, hubs like Heathrow, and producers like Airbus.

In response, it pleaded with the government to set up a system to reduce the price difference between sustainable aviation fuel (Saf) and conventional jet fuel.

At Farnborough Airport yesterday, ministers and aviation executives will have present an action plan for decarbonizing the aviation sector.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper stated “This government is a determined partner to the aviation industry – helping accelerate new technology and fuels, modernize their operations and work internationally to remove barriers to progress. We can set aviation up for success, continue harnessing its huge social and economic benefits, and ensure it remains a core part of the UK’s sustainable economic future”

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