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  • Dubai Rent to be Fixed for 3 Years

    By: Shana Jacobs, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint On Thursday (January 7), Al Bayan from Arabic Daily reported a new law has passed. This law poses that rent in Dubai should be fixed for 3 years when signing the contract. The time period starts from [...]
  • LA Rams upsets Seattle Seahawks 20 – 30

    By: Benjamin Turner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint The start of the NFL Playoffs has been shocking, with the LA Rams upsetting the Seattle Seahawks 20 – 30.  The Seahawks were disappointing on the field, with quarterback Russel Wilson throwing [...]
  • The World’s Pain Through Street Art

    By Ana Chauhan, Daily Digest Editor, The Pawprint In the summer of 2020, a depiction of the African American George Floyd, who was violently strangled to death by police officer David Chauvin on 25 May 2020, appeared on city walls around the [...]

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