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  • New Homes for the Lebanese

    By: Yasma Baalbaki, Opinion Section Editor, The Pawprint Due to the poor situation in Lebanon, Lebanese expats are hoping to replant their cracked roots by establishing new homes outside of Lebanon specifically in the United Arab Emirates.  Lebanon [...]
  • Norwegian Citizen Kills 5 With a Bow and Arrow

    By Ilyas Kabour A 37-year-old Danish citizen has been arrested and charged after five people were killed and two others injured in an attack using a bow and arrows in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg Police were interrogating the suspect and he was [...]
  • DAA Carnival Is Here

    By Jessica Merjaneh Gems Dubai American Academy is hosting their annual back to school carnival today. Gems Dubai American Academy has been looking forward to make this day memorable for all students as well as staff, by organizing many fun events [...]
  • Gunfire During Protests in Beirut

    By Yasma Baalbaki According to the BBC, one person has been shot dead and several wounded during protests in Beirut today. The protests were against the judge investigating last year’s blast at the port.  Supporters of various political [...]

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