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Got the Flu? Here are Remedies for You!

By Leila Nassar, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Flu season is here! Over the next few weeks, you are going to be hearing a lot of people complain about how they’ve caught the flu. Listed below are a few remedies for the flu that have been tried out and work very well. 

The first few steps to feeling better are prevention! Before trying to cure your flu, try to prevent it. 

  1. Hydration

It is important to realize that your body has the ability to naturally flush any germs out of your system, so keeping yourself hydrated with a large bottle of water around you at all times is very important. Even if you were to be around someone with the flu, you could prevent yourself from being affected by it if you drink water. 

  1. Sleep

Many students have been stressed with various assignments, mostly college applications, and while they have been putting in a lot of good work, they have also been missing out on a few hours of sleep. These students need to realize that your immune system is better able to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria when they get enough sleep, preferably 8 hours. 

  1. Vitamin C 

Although it has not been proven that vitamin C will stop cold symptoms, research has suggested that it can reduce the duration of a cold. Also, it strengthens your immune system as well as your general health. Many advise consuming the vitamin through food. Instead of things like orange juice or vitamins, consider oranges. Also, make sure not to entirely rely on vitamin C pillsbecause they could cause an upset stomach. 

If you have not started preventing it and have unfortunately caught it, then here are some remedies to help you feel better. 

  1. Obviously, Soup!

Even though this is an obvious one, soup is always your friend. Personally, I like to make myself noodle soup when I am feeling sick, and I have even linked a video of me making it to show you just how simple it is. Just throw celery, potatoes, onions, carrots, and garlic in a pot and saute the vegetables, Then, add in some chicken broth, followed by your choice of noodles. Although this isn’t a full recipe, you get how easy it is to make now, and I think the video is going to make you crave it. 


  1. Salt Water

To make you feel ten times better, you should dissolve ½ a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, then gargle it. Saline solution works well with releasing mucus and moving fluid away from inflamed throat tissues, clearing out any irritants. 

  1. Tea and Honey

Since honey has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, and is also natural, it goes perfectly with a cup of ginger tea. If you tend to forget to hydrate yourself, a perfect solution to this is a cup of tea. It tastes good, is also hydrating and can cure your sore throat. 

  1. Don’t Stress

Lastly, it has been proven that high-stress levels can cause a person to become more sensitive to certain bacteria, so even though it might be really hard to stop yourself from stressing, just know that calming yourself down a bit can help you feel much better.

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