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Did I Scream at Scream House?

By Omar El Araby, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

For this Halloween, I am reviewing the Scream House escape room in Al Quoz that I had gone to and whether it was an enjoyable and thrilling experience that I would recommend. 

When you get to Scream House, you are given a choice of whether to enter the Psycho experience, where it is set in an abandoned mental hospital or the Sisters’ experience which we ended up doing where “you and your friends are immersed in an atmosphere of fear, horror and mystery,” and chased by nuns.

We ended up doing the Sisters experience where we were only given 2-3 dim flashlights which meant we were immersed in a very dark and dim escape room that you are not able to see anything in. The goal was to escape the room within an hour without forfeiting. The escape room was filled with hidden clues and hints that would help us progress to escaping and making it out. At the beginning, it seemed harmless and that nothing was going to be scary, but that soon changed as the horror and jumpscares started to hit us. 

The actors who were dressed as nuns would be coming out of nowhere and even chasing us with weapons that were loud and able to send chills through your spine. We managed to complete the escape room but without many funny and spine-chilling experiences where we were getting chased by people in chainsaws, and tasers and even being grabbed at certain moments.

Overall, it was a really great experience and I would highly recommend doing it with a group of friends as it helps create everlasting memories. Another positive is that you can purchase a timelapse of you and your group while you are inside the escape room and this can be seen as a good memory clip to have.

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