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Take a Break With Tyler Brake

By Aananya Sehgal & Daniella Baki, Staff Reporters, The Pawprint

Tyler Brake was born in Camden, New Jersey, on August 29, 1995. He is currently 27 years old. He lived in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, his whole life. His family consists of four people, his parents, and his sister. This is his first year in DAA, so whatever you’re doing, take a break as you get to know your new 9th-grade English teacher, Mr. Brake.


We then began asking about his favorite things. He loves everything outdoors and nature. During his free time, Mr. Brake loves to go out with his family or friends to fly fishing or camping. Whenever he’s at home, he loves to sit down and grab one of his favorite books which is anything, Cormac McCarty, for fiction books and for non-fiction, he adores reading Sapiens. 


Mr. Brake loves to travel, he’s been to a bunch of places, and his top 3 are Spain, Ireland, and the UK. He loved all these places because he loves the scenario of nature and the greenery. He said that he adores the city over there because it’s easy to get around. He didn’t like Amsterdam really, he quoted “there’s so much to do but it’s the kind of thing that you do in one day and then you’re done. There’s nothing else.” He added that he didn’t mind Amsterdam, but it was a little disappointing for him. Mr. Brakes’ dream destination is “Thailand because of Muay Thai and Buddhism there. And Alaska because I would like to go fishing there.”


Joke “Brake”

Mr. Brake loves nature so much. I bet he would love to connect with nature, but we can’t find the USB port!


That’s your break with Mr. Brake, I hope you enjoyed it, and just like that, we learned more about our new teacher Mr. Brake.

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