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Harsh Floods In India and Bangladesh Displace Millions of Citizens

Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Heavy flooding in India and Bangladesh left millions homeless after submerging towns, villages, and train stations last week.

Officials stated that over 60 citizens were killed, and others left with no food, water, or internet.

In the northeast of India, railways, bridges, and roads have been destroyed.

In Assam, India, 700,000 people were affected, and at least 18 died, according to news reports. 

Climate scientists claim that India and Bangladesh are vulnerable to climate change due to their increased population density and poverty rates. 

In Sylhet, Bangladesh, up to two million citizens have been affected, with burst dams.

“We haven’t seen such a widespread flood in Sylhet for around two decades,” said chief engineer of the Bangladesh Water Development Board, S.M. Shahidul Islam, on Sunday.

Relief efforts have been hindered, with roads immersed by floods. Many are now left with no resources for survival.

In Bangladesh, the government has closed down almost 600 educational facilities to use as homes for those displaced.

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