DAA Daily

4,300 arrests in demonstrations in 50 Russian cities

By Alessandro Pellegrino

Currently, over 4,300 people have been arrested while demonstrating against the war in Ukraine in 56 Russian cities. The data is provided by the NGO, Ovd-Info, which specializes in monitoring this event in Russia.

The same source points out that this figure could be calculated by default since each police department may have more stops than the published lists. They only publish the names of those people they are sure of. In Moscow alone, there have been over 1,600 detentions so far.

Despite the intimidation of the authorities and the threat of heavy prison sentences, the protests, albeit limited, took place daily for 10 days in various cities across the country. The dissident still in prison, Alexei Navalny, strongly opposed to the intervention in Ukraine, this week invited the Russians to demonstrate every day in the main square of their city to ask for peace.

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