DAA Daily

The Month of Reading at DAA

By Tina Fares

On Monday 28th of February, Mr. Joshua Doubleday, assistant principal, sent out an email regarding the month of reading at Dubai American Academy. In this email, he explained how the UAE has created the “UAE Reads” theme/initiative in order to encourage and grow the culture of reading across the country. He also stated that “To complement this national initiative, we will celebrate the month of reading with our own theme: DAA Reads”

Throughout the month of March, many activities will take place to encourage reading and to help push students, staff, and teachers to read more.

The email states that “Some activities you can expect include:

  • DEAR time” (Drop Everything And Read) during class or CREW
  • Look for “famous first lines” that will appear around the school
  • Visit the library in person or check out our new digital library app, Sora, to get stuck into a new book
  • Come to the library to relax and read in the Book Nook
  • Sign up for one of the Book Quizzes, held in the library on March 9th and 23rd
  • Read a poem for World Poetry Day on March 21st
  • And finally…look for signs on March 7th to submit your entry to the Bagels for Books program for the chance of earning a special bagel treat on March 24.”

For more information, go to the DAA HighSchool Library Website!

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