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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under $50

 By: Larissa Chalouhi, Pawzfeed Editor, The Pawprint

Valentine’s day gifts are one of the hardest gifts to get your partner. It is guaranteed that your partner will love all these gifts and this gives you a chance to not have to stress about gifts and you can enjoy and create meaningful memories with your significant other! 

This is the perfect gift to write what you are thankful for. You can find this what I love about you book on Amazon for only $10.

This Jade Mask is perfect for a skin care routine. Jade rollers and stones are on trend now so everybody wants them. They are proven to cause relaxation. You can find this on amazon for $18. 

This is a 100 Dates scratch of poster, it will reveal a creative date activity that you would never think of. This poster gives the chance for you to get to know your partner on a deeper level and it’s fun. You can find this on amazon for $28.

This candle is beautiful to look at but also smells like magnolia and other fresh florals. A candle is a thoughtful gift to get and everytime it she lights it up she will love the smell. You can find this specific candle on etsy for 27 dollars.

This customizable poster allows you to put important dates like the birth of your children, anniversaries, and important events that you can look back on and remember your journey of love and how you got to the point you are today. You can find this ‘What a Difference a day makes’ on etsy for $20. 

This bamboo heart plant is the perfect gift for valentines day because not only does bamboo last long but it is low maintenance so you don’t need to worry about adding vitamins or watering it every day. In some cultures bamboo brings good fortune so that is a promising sign for your relationship. 

This couples bucket list game box allows you and your partner to experience new things and create long lasting memories. It’s a perfect gift if you feel like you completely know your partner because this gives you a chance to find out something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t have known. You can find this on amazon for $50.

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