DAA Daily

Asian gang jailed for forcing others to work in a gambling den in Dubai

By Benjamin Turner

An Asian gang lured people with a fake advertisement on social media, forcing them to sign an employment agreement to manage electronic gambling.

Two of the gang members were convicted by Dubai Criminal Court, ruling they be jailed and deported after serving their jail term.

This case dates back to October when an Asian filed a complaint stating that he and others had been detained, assaulted, and threatened with death by the Gang.

According to the testimony of the investigation, the victim claimed he and a colleague arrived in the UAE on a visit visa, seeking employment, then found the advertisement and went in for an interview.

​​The gang assaulted one of the people, stripping them and threatening the others to sign the agreement, with everyone signing.

A group of detectives arrived at the scene, finding a number of people assaulted, arresting the two gang members present at the time.

The rest of the gang has not been found yet.

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