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Best Halloween candies to buy for this spooky season!

By Aryaman Bhatia Science  and Tech editor, The Pawprint

Great candy can either make or break a Halloween, knowing that most people try to get the cheapest candy which has the most quality, However just like in life its all about the quality, which is within this article you will find a top 10 list of the best candies to buy with their prices so you can make your decision. Keep in mind that the order of the list has no significance, all candies and chocolates are a perfect fit for this Halloween season!

Here is the list-

  1. Bazooka Rattlerz Fruity Sour Candy, 12packes of 120g for just 72AED 
  2. Skittles Fruits Pouch Coated Chewy Candy,  14 packs of 38g just for 29AED
  3. Chupa Chups Bubbly Lollipop, pack of 70 of 16g each for 50AED 
  4. Starburst Original Fruit Chews Candy, pack of 24 45g each for 52AED 
  5. Nestle KitKat Chocolate Bar, Pack of 36 20.5g each for 29AED 
  6. Cadbury Snack Sandwich Milk Chocolate pack of 60 22g each for 92AED
  7. Toblerone Milk Chocolate, pack of 24 35g each for 61AED 
  8. Maltesers Chocolate, pack 25 37g each for 73AED 
  9. Bounty Milk Chocolate Bars, pack of 32 55g each for 84AED 
  10. Galaxy Crispy Chocolate Bar, pack 24 36g each for 57AED 

Each candy or chocolate has been specifically chosen to fit people’s desire for a good value and children’s desire for good size and taste. Keep in mind that this list is particularly for residents of the UAE as certain chocolates can not be found internationally. Furthermore, the candies chosen allow for both kids and parents to have a good time this spooky season as the combination of a good value and good taste allows for both parties to be happy!!!

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