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10 Halloween fun and trendy group costume ideas for you and your best friends.

By: Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint 

Everyone knows that Halloween is just around the corner, but one of the biggest struggles about this holiday season is finding a costume to wear, especially if you want to match with others. Here are some unique and fun ideas for you and your best friends to wear this October. 

  1. Men in Black. 

Find your partners in crime, throw on your ensemble of black suits, ties, and sunglasses, and perfect the famous movie look. 

  1. Ghostbusters. 

Throw on a khaki jumpsuit and backpack-turned-proton pack and find your best friends who are prepared to fight the neighborhood ghosts.

  1. M&M’s

Match with your collected Halloween candy and nail the M&M’s look with a colored shirt printed with the ‘m’ symbol.

  1. Money Heist 

Get ready to find all of your partners in crime. Go on a heist for all of the best candy in town! 

  1. Fun Onesies

Stay comfortable and trendy while amazing everyone in your onesie costumes. Whether a unicorn, dinosaur, or a TV movie/ cartoon character, you all will surely grasp the attention! 

  1. The Incredibles 

Dress up in cute matching red bodysuits and high boots and get ready to catch all the candy with your unique superpowers!

  1. Friends Characters

Replicate everyone’s favorite TV characters from the iconic Friends show with some fitting 90’s fashion! 

  1. Inside Out Emotions

No matter how you’re feeling, there’s always an Inside Out character for you! Grab some green, yellow, blue, red, and purple face paint, and go get your candy. 

  1. The Great Gatsby

Rock your 20’s polished couture and nail this rich Great Gatsby look with your best friends! Even the Kardashians did it… 

  1. Teletubbies

Nothing represents friendship like the iconic Teletubbies! Wearing your suited color, bring smiles to your community as they remember the most iconic part of their childhood. 

These group costumes are fitting for all ages and will surely bring a smile to your and your friends’ faces. You are assured to wow everyone at costume parties while still staying comfortable and having fun. Don’t miss out on an exciting Halloween by stressing about what to wear, but enjoy your time with your best friends instead! 

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