DAA Daily

Petrol Shortage: Is the Fuel Crisis Improving

By Lauren Chalouhi, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

In the UK, the petrol crisis continues but business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is saying that is starting to stabilise. Making many solutions like having soldiers delivering fuel within the next few days, and that the government would be “drawing on its tanker reserve fleet.” 

The PRA, which represents nearly 5,500 of the UK’s 8,000 gas stations, have said that there are early signs that the pressure is starting to slowly calm down. The gas stations have said that 37% owned by its members were out of petrol on Tuesday, compared to ⅔ on sunday.  

The military of defense is at the last minute preparing 150 military fuel drivers and 150 personnel that will be ready to support them. 

The government can control how much fuel drivers can buy, and the times in the day when they can buy it. However, there is no sign that they are planning to use it. Some petrol stations have announced that there is a £30 limit on the amount of petrol people can buy.

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