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The death of Apple and Samsung

By Aryaman Bhatia Science and Tech editor, Pawprint 

For quite a while, Apple and Samsung ruled the cell phone industry; nonetheless, another competitor has recently entered the market and held onto the lofty position. 

Xiaomi, a Beijing-based firm, joined the smartphone industry just ten years prior, however, in that brief period, they have caught a sizable part of it. They have achieved this amazing position by being more affordable than their rivals and by focusing on the price per component instead of meeting a set price for the whole phone. Due to this success they have had, they outperformed Apple and Samsung as the top cell phone seller early this month. 

Regardless of just selling 800 million phones since 2011, they have had the honor to take control of this industry and benefit from it. This isn’t to suggest that Apple and Samsung are out of the game since each has sold over 2 billion phones, in addition to that they also have more global reach than Xiaomi.

Besides, Apple and Samsung buyers have more prominent buyers which leads to more customer loyalty, and they stay among the top decisions for anyone needing to purchase a new smartphone.

 Nonetheless, in business sectors like India and Europe, which are Xiaomi’s essential core markets and business centers, brand reliability is unimportant; Xiaomi is the go-to alternative as people just find the perfect balance between value and performance in  Xiaomi phones, and there is little inquiry that they will likewise break into the United States.

The only reason that they haven’t done so already is due to the fact of the U.S-China ban and Xiaomi doesn’t want to risk losing their brand’s reputation, which has to lead them to stay away from the U.S for now. Hopefully, they are able to break into the U.S, and when they do they are sure to give Apple and Samsung a run for their money.

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