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Delivery Driver Helps Stranded Family on Highway

By Benjamin Turner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A delivery driver has been praised for helping out a family stranded after their vehicle ran out of gas.

Pizza Hut UAE posted an Instagram Video showing gratitude and praise to the delivery rider, Mohammed Ahmed Ali Tariq, with the caption, “We are celebrating one of our heroes, thank you Mohammed Ahmed Ali Tariq for being such a great part of our community,” 

According to Khaleej Times, the family apparently could not get help as they didn’t have any service. Tariq then approached the family and offered to help them.

“It was touching (and) we felt blessed as we were travelling with three kids … It was the most inspiring thing (that) happened to us today and can’t thank him enough,” the blogger posted.” said Amna Irfan, a blogger in the United Arab Emirates.

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