DAA Daily

A forceful earthquake hit southwest Mexico

By: Sarin Istanboulli, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

A forceful earthquake hit southwest Mexico, on Tuesday with a magnitude of 7.0 that struck 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) east- northeastern of Los Órganos de San Agustín. There were approximately 92 aftershocks that were recorded. The alarms in Mexico City were heard before the ground began to shake, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration called a tsunami warning, however, it was later called off. 

A 19 year old reporter named Eliodoro Hurtado died due to the earthquake. 1.6 million people were estimated to be  left without electricity. As earthquakes aren’t uncommon in Mexico, due to the location, as Mexico is on the North American tectonic plate, there were two major earthquakes recorded. One was in September 2017, and the other was on September 19, 1985. Both earthquakes were recorded with a magnitude of 8.0 and killed approximately 9,500 people in and around Mexico City.   

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