DAA Daily

Increased Travel Anticipated During Summer

Shana Jacobs, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

In response to the vaccine release, air travel demand has been slowly increasing. In the coming months, the return of travel is also being foreseen in Europe. Brussels Airlines is therefore preparing to gradually relaunch coming the summer, hoping to deploy more of its planes. 

Beginning April, pilots have begun training again. Flight attendants, flight deck crew, and ground staff are also anticipating returning to work. As part of their training pilots have begun to review all flight and aircraft procedures as well as complete theoretical training, and simulations. Flights with an instructor and a line check are also required before pilots are allowed to fly by themselves again. Altogether, 150 pilots are required to complete the training by summer. 

Additionally, “They test the engines, replace life vests and other safety equipment if they are expired, and get the cabin ready with a thorough cleaning. Finally, they run a test flight to give the aircraft a final GO for operations. The entire de-storage process takes approximately 200 man-hours per aircraft.”

Safety measures relating to Covid will also be in place. The preparations and expectations call attention to progress made to ensure travel resumes safely and effectively. 

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