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Thousands of People in Australia during the Big Flood

By: Ebba Lindh, Starr Reporter, The Pawprint

On March 21st there was a report of a big severe flood across New South Wales in Australia. There were over 18,000 thousand people evacuating. The state has been warned about the weather and how bad it can turn out. It also said that about 10 million people across the states and territory except Western Australia were now under a weather warning. 

Due to the big flood in dams and rivers have created a massive overflow that leads into the capital Sydney. The australian military has been sent out there to rescue and help people that need protection. It is known to be the “ one in a 50-years event”, meaning that this hasn’t happened over a century.  

 There have been no deaths reported by late Monday. It was described as it was “a miracle given what we have been through”. There has been a massive spread of the floodings which have caused damage in most areas, which are homes to about a third of Australia’s 25 million people.

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