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Filipina Delivers Baby on a Dubai Flight to Manila

By: Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A Filipina expatriate delivered a healthy baby girl on a flight from Dubai to the Philippines on Saturday, thanks to Keizel Cruz, a former nurse who was with the cabin crew.

Cruz confirmed both the mother, Lalaine Edip, and the newborn baby named Sheikah McQueen, are healthy and in a stable condition. The successful delivery happened on Saturday afternoon, three hours before a flight from Dubai was to land at Clark International Airport (CRK) in Philippines. 

Cruz was talking with some people during the flight, when the crew supervisor told her that there was a woman who was about to give birth. 

“Everyone was calm. I knew the crew were trained to deliver babies, but it was also nice to have a medical professional to help in the delivery. So, as a registered nurse and based on my hospital experience, I took the lead and we delivered baby Sheikah McQueen two hours before landing at 1:30 PM”

There were tense moments, Cruz added. “After I held the baby, I could not hear her crying. So, I rubbed her back, wiped her nose to clear the airway and gave her another tap on the back, then she cried aloud. The purser (cabin manager) announced that a baby had been successfully delivered 35,000 feet above sea level and everyone onboard burst into a wild cheer,”.

When the plane landed, the Bureau of Quarantine at Clark International Airport immediately attended to the mother and her newborn and they were rushed to a hospital for check-up and medical treatment.  

Cruz was later contacted by the mother who sent her a picture of her healthy baby, thanking her for her help.

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