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Kansas City Win Their First Super Bowl in 2020

Jasmine Conway Features Editor, The Pawprint 

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On February 2, Kansas City won their first ever Super Bowl, 32-20 against the San Francisco 49er’s at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. During halftime, Shakira and JLO had a great performance with 102 million people watching. 


This is the Kansas City Chiefs first ever win in the Super Bowl. Although in the AFL (American Football League), The Chiefs have one 3 championships. The AFL and the NFL (National Football League), merged together to become one football league in 1966. The Kansas City Chiefs won by 11 points, with the final score of 31-20 against the San Francisco 49ers. Patrick Mahomes the second, the Chiefs quarterback won MVP for Superbowl. He is the youngest quarterback to receive this award. In 2019 the Mahomes, also won MVP for the regular season. The MVP played extremely well during the Superbowl, scoring the fir touchdown of the game. The most memorable highlight during the game is the 10 point comeback made by the Chiefs, which tied for the second largest in super bowl history. This was an enticing game to watch, hearing fans scream from outside the stadium. 


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During the super bowl halftime, Shakira and Jenfier Lopez had an incredible performance. Shakira being 43, and JLO being 50, they are still better than ever. Although there was some controversy of Halftime, saying it was too inappropriate. Both women responded that it wasn’t meant to be inappropriate but rather embracing their Latino culture. Their performance was 14 mins, singing in English and Spanish. They danced, reggaeton, salsa, champeta, mapale, and sang their popular Latino songs. Shakira already has a meme of her tongue. This year’s halftime performance went viral. If you didn’t watch the halftime performance it is available on YouTube. 

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