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Who Would Have Thought, Biting to Clean Your Teeth

Charlotte Eykerman Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The French inventor, Benjamin Cohen is currently working on a device that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds. It’s called the “Bite-to-clean” Y-brush toothbrush. Cohen created this toothbrush device for those who don’t brush their teeth for 2 minutes and instead, brush for 40-50 seconds lazily. It’s important to brush your teeth and to get all the spots so you don’t get cavities. With Y-brush, you don’t have to worry about missing a spot, it gets all your teeth cleaned in 10 seconds.

At the CES tech expo in Las Vegas, we got to see its first appearance. Zoe Kleinman, the author of “Births, boobs, and Bad Advice” wanted to try this device out. She quotes that ‘it was an easy and quick way to brush your teeth’, and ‘she could feel that her teeth got cleaner’. Kleinman was interested in how many times you had to replace the brushes in the device. Cohen says you need to replace the brushes every 6 months. 

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