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Refreezing the Arctic to Combat Climate Change

Hicham Pawsfeed / Pawscast Editor, The Pawprint

To combat the issue of rising sea levels caused by climate change, experts are exploring the idea of refreezing the Arctic, a solution which in theory could work. 

The idea gained traction after it was first debut at an international design competition appealing for radical approaches to sustainability. This is the most innovative proposal for “refreezing” the Earth’s poles since sprinkling the polar caps with artificial sand to blasting seawater into the sky to brighten the clouds.

The group responsible for the idea was led by Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha a 29 year old architect. The group envisaged a submersible vessel capable of producing 16-foot-thick, 82-foot wide hexagonal icebergs.

The hexagonal machine would accomplish this by dipping beneath the surface to fill its central reservoir with seawater. Salt would then be filtered out, raising water’s freezing point by more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit which makes the machine more economical to run. After this a hatch closes over the chamber to protect it from the sun.

An iceberg would then naturally form inside, before being ejected a month later. According to the team behind the project, the hexagonal shape may encourage the icebergs to interlock with one another and form larger frozen masses.

At the moment this solution is in its early stages and many questions remain. The designers are yet to finalize how the machine  would be powered. The machine is intended to be fully sustainable.

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