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Is Apple Pay the way to go?…..

By Maya Gardner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Apple Pay - Apple (AE)

Apple Pay is a digital wallet in order to replace your physical money. Because of Apple Pay you don’t need to carry your wallet with your physical credit cards or your cash around. With a single tap on one app, you can make payments in one second. Many feel that it has helped them so much and that there are many benefits. Here are the positives.

  1. You will always have your cards on you

The main benefit of Apple Pay, is that you can store your debit and credit cards on your Apple Wallet for any purchase that you wish to make. If you are the type of person that wants to take very few items with them, or constantly forgets their physical wallet, Apple Pay is the perfect app for you. Your wallet will constantly be with you and there will be no need to worry about bringing your cards or cash with you around. 

  1. There is no contactless limit

Another benefit that Apple Pay has is that you do not have a limit on your credit or debit card, and this makes it very convenient for many people. Apple pay does not have a contactless limit which means that people do not have to worry about expensive purchases that they make. For example, with contactless payment on a debit or credit card, it will usually have a limit for a transaction of $200, which makes it more difficult for people because they constantly have to renew and add more money. 

  1. Apple pay is available on multiple devices

Even though the most common way to make Apple pay purchases are on Iphones, which is because everyone usually has their phones on them at all times. But if there is ever a scenario where someone does not have their phone on them, they can make Apple Pay purchases on their Ipad, Laptop, or even on an Apple Watch, which makes everything easier for the customer. 

  1. You don’t have to worry about remembering your pin

Everyone struggles with remembering all the different pins to multiple credit or debit cards that they might have, which causes their cards to be blocked by the bank. Apple Pay uses your face ID or your Iphone passcode in order to make a purchase, it will never require you to put the pin no matter how big the purchase might be. This helps out a lot of people, without the worry of remembering all the different pin codes. 

  1. It makes online purchases super easy

Many online stores are adding in Apple pay as one of the payment options. This then allows customers to make purchases much faster rather than adding their credit or debit card details such as their address, security code, card number, and expiry date. Since Apple Pay uses the device account number, customers don’t have to worry about their credit or debit cards getting leaked or hacked. Overall makers your online shopping experience much easier and better for you. 

  1. It keeps tracks of all of your payments

On the Wallet app, apple pay regeisters and tracks all of your purchases that you make on all your credit or debit cards. This makes everything easier for you, to track all your payments and organize your finances, and you are able to calculate your overall spending in a week or month. Also on the wallet app, it shows how much you paid and where you made that purchase with the date on when you had made that purchase, incase you ever forgot or need to keep track of it.

  1. Apple Pay is the future

Contactless payments have slowly become a norm for everyone’s daily lives, as it has become a necessity to have it as it is more convenient for everyone. Even though everyone didn’t trust it at first, Apple has shown that everyone’s credit or debit cards are safe and secure with only them. As time goes, more and more people join in on mobile payments as it is becoming to appear everywhere. We soon might never have to worry about holding a wallet again, and that is for the better!

  1. Your details are safe with Apple Pay

Even though many are constantly skeptical about Apple pay and whether their details are secure with them. Apple Pay has consistently shown how safe and secure it is. First in order to open your credit card you must have your face ID or Iphone passcode to purchase something. Apple Pay does not need your credit card to be with you so the chances of your credit card being copied or stolen are smaller as those details don’t show up when you are making purchases. If you are ever in a scenario where you lose your Iphone, you can easily disable Apple Pay on the Find My website on any device. 

Hopefully after all the reasoning of why you should have Apple pay, you might want to have it on your Iphone, and even if you don’t have an Apple device, there are more mobile payments on different brands of cellphones to make your life easier and more convenient for you!

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