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Internship Opportunities 

By Daniella Baki, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

As most of you are approaching the end of your academic year, it’s time to start thinking about internship opportunities to do during your last few weeks of school. Such opportunities will increase your chances for acceptance at desired universities. This article will highlight some career paths that are valuable guidelines to senior graduates.

Doing an internship is just as important as getting good grades in school. It’s important for university admissions to see that you have done some internships, activities, or even joined a club after school. It’s essential that you gain skills and experience during your academic years that will lead you into the major that you like in the near future. Internships determine if you like or dislike the many different majors out there. It helps you learn the basics of a major. It will also let you think if you see yourself being in that environment. Following are the top five internships you could consider doing this coming HSC week.

Sales Assistant
Receptionist at a Company.
Radio/TV Stations
Advertising Companies

Of course your options are not limited to the above list. It all depends on the major you are intending to do and therefore, you should look into internship opportunities in facilities related to your sought after major. Just remember that HSC week is a great opportunity that each senior will benefit from as he or she marches toward this new chapter in their academic life.


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