DAA Daily


By Zeid Atassi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

High school graduations are a sensational moment in the life of students as it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Not only does it send students off to the real world, but also celebrates all the skills and knowledge gained. Although the previous senior graduations were held at Dubai Coca-Cola arena, the 2023 graduation of Dubai American Academy will be held at the Dubai opera, one of the most luxurious and elegant locations in Dubai.

Firstly, graduation is important because the certificate received is essential for college applications or job opportunities. A high school diploma is frequently considered the bare minimum requirement for most jobs. Whilst, a higher level of education may lead to higher employment opportunities. The four years of high school are very important as they equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for the outside world.

A high school graduation ceremony is an event that one looks forward to throughout their entire life. Therefore, the location it is being held adds to its magic. The Dubai Opera is seen as a deluxe and lavish landmark with a built-in joyous atmosphere. Major ceremonies, world-renowned shows and events for celebrities have been held at the Opera. So what better place to celebrate the end of your high school journey than at the enchanting Opera?

In conclusion, high school students look forward to their graduation ceremony because it symbolizes their achievements within the lives of 18 year old students. Before each individual steps out into their own respected paths, they are celebrated with one last celebration to wrap up all their four childhood years of hard work. The Dubai Opera is nothing but the perfect venue to celebrate such an achievement. From the decoration, to the size and to the location, having a high school graduation at the Opera is a privilege that DAA students must cherish and appreciate.

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