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How to find the best gift for your significant other

By Nada Amir, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Valentine’s day is one of the most celebrated days in the year, it is mostly celebrated by romantic couples as it mainly celebrates the love between the people. It’s celebrated on the 14th of February. The word “Valentine” means strength in latin, therefore it refers to the strength of love.

Valentine’s day is mainly celebrated by trading gifts with your significant other. Most people are usually interested in the sentimental value of the gift more than the materialistic value of it. When picking out a present for your person, go with something sentimental and (likely) affordable. Specialists suggest handwritten notes, sweet treats, and tiny gifts that demonstrate your attention to detail. For instance, give them an artisanal variety of hot sauce if he frequently uses it on dates.

Most importantly, you should remember the details of the person you are with while buying a gift, you should be able to remember their favorite snack, flower, or even their favorite way of sending a message. It could be through note, text, or even a call because at the end, what shows a person that you actually care about them is getting them and understanding or caring about their interests.

Also, you can gift them based on their love language. If it’s quality time then you can take them out for a road trip, festival, etc. instead of buying them a gift.
Another tip is “don’t follow the cliches”, each person has their own interests and love language so if you follow the cliches you will make your partner feel that you don’t know them well enough to get them a gift that is special to them.
On the other hand, some couples prefer to not celebrate Valentine’s day as they believe that love can’t be limited to one day and it should be evenly distributed on all 365 days of the year.

To sum it up, Let’s review the eight methods for selecting gifts:
– Hand out problem-solvers.
– Don’t cause them any more issues.
– Be sensible rather than flashy.
– Be less thoughtful, please.
– Give Yourself when they claim to have everything they require.
– Give presents that are perpetual.
– Presentation should be taken care of.
– Always go for quality.

You can never run out of Valentine’s day gift ideas if you are really interested in the person you are with, it doesn’t need to be an expensive gift but it needs to have a sentimental value.

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