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How Many Flowers are Bought on Valentine’s Day

By Deena Refaei, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Valentine’s day is the special occasion on February 14 for the celebration of love, when friends or lovers express their appreciation to their partners by showering them with gifts to convey their love. Flowers happen to be the most popular way people show their affection on valentine’s day since flowers represent romance, marriage and friendship.

1. Roses
Roses are the most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day and are known to be the flower of love. The color red symbolizes passion and love, and the pink rose represents sweetness and innocence . White roses signify purity and youthfulness. According to the National Retail Federation, in the United States, around 200 million roses are produced specifically for Valentine’s Day. America itself has spent over 2.3 billion dollars on flowers for the holiday, of the 2.3 billion dollars 70% of the money is spent on roses giving the total rose sales in America on valentine’s day 1.7 billion dollars.

2. Tulips
Tulips are also a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. The vibrant, colorful blooms symbolize happiness. They come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, yellow, and purple. 13 percent of the flowers bought on valentine’s day in the United states are tulips.

3. Lilies
Lilies are also a good option as a gift on Valentine’s Day. lilies are considered to be elegant flowers that symbolize purity. The white lily is the most popular color to give, but lilies also come in a range of other colors including pink, yellow, and orange. 7 percent of flowers sold on valentine’s day are lillies.

4. Carnations
Carnations are less seen as they are more a budget-friendly alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day. These sweet-smelling flowers symbolize love and admiration and come in a variety of colors including pink, red, and white. The carnations are more affordable for Valentine’s day as 8 percent of flowers sold on valentines are carnations.

5. Sunflowers
Sunflowers are a fun and cheerful option for Valentine’s Day. they’re bright and sunny colors symbolize friendship and sunflowers are associated with happiness and positivity. 2 percent of flowers sold on valentine’s day are sunflowers.

Flowers play a significant role in the celebration of Valentine’s Day and are the most popular gifts given on this special day. Whether it’s a bouquet of red roses, a bunch of tulips, or a vase

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