DAA Daily

World wide support for Turkey after major earthquake

By Paige sagris, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA

Yesterday a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria and has resulted in over 4,300 deaths and over 15,000 injuries. A second 7.5-magnitude quake hit the area later in the day. This resulted in both countries going through two high types of earthquakes. Rescuers are working to save people trapped after many buildings have collapsed.

Several countries including the US and South Korea are sending aid after Turkey issued an international appeal for help. The Turkish president had come forward making a statement that more than 45 countries have offered turkey help. So far Iran and Iraq have sent aid planes to Damascus International Airport carrying over 70 tons of emergency supplies including food, medical supplies, and blankets. The aid was delivered early this morning. The United Arab Emirates has announced that they will establish a field hospital in Turkey and rescue teams in both Turkey and Syria. The UAE will also provide urgent relief to the hardest-hit areas in Syria. Russia’s emergency ministry has stated that they are ready to send two IL-76 aircraft with 100 rescuers to Turkey if needed. President Vladimir Putin has offered condolences and support to the Presidents of Turkey and Syria, where Russian troops are currently supporting the Syrian military.

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