DAA Daily

Turkey citizens captured earthquake and post on social media

By Deena Refaei, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The earthquake that happened on February 6th struck Turkish citizens by surprise at 4:17 local time. Witnesses describe the earthquake to have struck 3 times, with the magnitude of the earthquake reaching 7.8, each strike covering over a hundred miles resulting in thousands of buildings destroyed and killing a minimum of 4,300 people and leaving over 15,000 people injured. Over 60 aftershocks were recorded and around 60,000 tweets were posted on Twitter to spread the news and raise awareness towards the disastrous event. On Instagram , #HelpTurkey is going viral with people reposting and sharing the clips that were taken while the houses and apartments were collapsing. There is now a donation source for raising money to help support Turkey throughout these difficult conditions.

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