DAA Daily

More than 50 people dead in Pakistan Accidents

By Rufaro Zaranyika, Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Daa PawPrint

On Sunday, two separate travel-related accidents in Pakistan claimed the lives of more than 50 people.

In the south-west, a bus crash that caught fire and claimed at least 41 lives, while a boating tragedy in the north-west claimed at least 10 children’s lives.

All the dead recovered so far at the lake were aged between seven and 14.

A local officer at the scene of the bus accident stated the remains were “beyond recognition.”

The incident happened close to the southern Balochistan Province city of Bela, while on its way to the port city of Karachi.

40 bodies and three injured persons were discovered, according to local official Hamza Anjum, who spoke to AFP. One of the injured victims later passed away. The two individuals who remained were in “severe” condition.

The bus reportedly hit a pillar on a bridge before the crash.
“We will investigate the causes of the accident,” Mr Anjum said, adding that DNA tests would be used to determine the identity of the remains.

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