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Climate change was foreseen by an oil giant in the 1970s.

By Andreea Dibo, Health & Environment, The Pawprint

According to scientists, one of the biggest oil firms in the world correctly predicted how climate change will raise the global temperature as early as the 1970s.

The results imply that ExxonMobil’s projections were frequently more precise than those of even top-tier NASA scientists.

They claim that ExxonMobil’s internal studies foresaw how using fossil fuels would warm the world, but the company outwardly rejected any connection.

The academics examined data in internal company documents. ExxonMobil refuted the charges.

Selling fossil fuels that emit gasses that scientists, governments, and the UN agree cause global warming has brought in billions for companies like ExxonMobil.

The discoveries intensified the company’s continuing examination of what it knew about climate change. Campaigners are suing the company in several US courts on the grounds that it distributed false information to promote its commercial interests in fossil fuels.

A Massachusetts judge ruled in May that ExxonMobil must go to trial for allegedly lying about climate change.

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