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Brazilian Football Player is Being Investigated for Alleged Sexual Assault

By Angelina Saviozzi, Staff Reporter, DAA pawprint

Catalonia’s top court announced on Tuesday that the former Barcelona and Brazil defender Dani Alves is the subject of an investigation into claims that he sexually assaulted a woman in a nightclub in Spain last month. Alves denies his guilt.

According to Spanish media, Alves was accused by a lady of touching her inappropriately and trying to roam his hands underneath her clothes at a nightclub in late December 2022 while she was out with friends.

Alves admitted to being at the club with other people in an interview with Antena 3 last week, but he denied engaging in any such behavior. “I was dancing and having a good time without invading anyone’s space,” he said. “I don’t know who this lady is. How could I do that to a woman? No.”

Alves is among the most accomplished footballers of his time, having won national championships in France, Italy, and Spain. With Barcelona, he added three Champions League championships.

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