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Afghanistan: Deadly Suicide Bombing Outside Foreign Ministry

By Rufaro Zaranyika, Arts and Entertainment editor, The DAA Pawprint

There have been numerous fatalities from a suicide bombing outside the Afghan foreign ministry in Kabul.

Police reported that at least five civilians had died, but a Taliban official said that there may have been as many as 20. Isis-K, a local branch of the Islamic State organization, claimed responsibility for the assault.

It follows recent explosions aimed at foreign interests. There are embassies for a number of nations in the region, including Turkey and China.

According to the Taliban, the attack began about 16:00 local time (11:30 GMT) when the bomber attempted but was unable to enter the ministry building itself.

A driver who was waiting outside the ministry stated, “I saw the man blowing himself up.” Jamshed Karimi. Mr. Karimi said to AFP that he observed a man walking by carrying a bag and a gun slung over his shoulder. ” He drove by my car, and then there was a huge explosion.”

The building itself didn’t seem to have sustained much damage. Window panes were also broken by the blast. The Italian humanitarian organization Emergency NGO in Kabul reported that it had received more than 40 wounded individuals and that the number of casualties was still rising.

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