DAA Daily

The famous deaths in the last month

By Nada Amir, entertainment & arts, The Pawprint DAA

On the first of January 2023, the grammy-winning singer Anita Pointer died at the age of 74 in her house in California. The singer was surrounded by her family when she passed away and they mentioned how loving she was by using the statement “Heaven is a more loving beautiful place with Anita there”.

A lot of famous and loved celebrities also passed away recently in december 2022 such as Pele who died at the age of 82, Dame Vivienne Westwood who died at the age of 81, Kristie Alley who died because of cancer at the age of 71, the lead singer of The Specials Terry Hall died at the age of 63, Ruth Radoc who is best known for appearing in BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi! died at the age of 79, and lastly Maxi Jazz who was the lead singer of electronic band Faithless died at the age of 65.

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