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Little Leopards: A Program for All

By Roy Huh, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Some may have heard of the Little Leopards at DAA, but what exactly is this program? On the 14th of November, The Pawprint interviewed a few individuals related to the program in order to understand it and its purpose. The first interviewee, Natalie Chamwada, is a high school student volunteer of the Little Leopards. She is currently contributing to the program by participating every Tuesday after school, which is when the program occurs.

What is Little Leopards, and what is its main purpose?

The Little Leopards is a program where high school students look after teachers’ kids when the teachers have meetings after school, which is usually on Tuesdays, or whenever the teachers can’t look after their kids and there’s no one else to take care of them. The main purpose of the program is to bring relief to teachers so that they don’t have to worry about their kids even while they’re busy.

From the perspective of a volunteer, what are some advantages or disadvantages of this activity?

I wouldn’t say that there are any disadvantages, besides it being a little overwhelming at times, because they are little kids and most of the time they’re very energetic. But I’ve learned about patience, working with children, which is something I’m considering pursuing in university, and building relationships with all different kinds of people.

What would you like to say to students interested in joining the Little Leopards program?

It’s lots of fun. At times it can be a little messy, but at the end of the day it’s really fun. Also, the program counts as a form of service, so students who feel like they need to boost their CAS hours can try Little Leopards.

The second interviewee is Ms. Kaylan Doyle; a high school teacher who is currently using the Little Leopards program to take care of her daughter Charlie during conferences.

How are you benefiting from Little Leopards, and what problems were solved thanks to this program?

I’m benefiting because I have someone to watch Charlie when I cannot, and that solves the problem of finding a person to look after her.

Would you recommend this program to other teachers as well, and do you think there are any areas of improvement for the Little Leopards?

Yes, I would recommend this program, and no I don’t think there are any areas that need improvement for the Little Leopards. I am very grateful and I give Little Leopards an 11/10.

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