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How Important Are PTCs?

By Vayun Desai, Feature Editor, The Pawprint

With PTCs having just finished, it’s important to understand why exactly they’re necessary. Firstly, PTCs serve to help parents understand the areas in which their children need to improve, such as behaviour, academics, or work ethic. Another important contribution of PTCs is to help teachers understand the home environment of their students, so that they can give students specific advice on how to study at home, or how to deal with parents that put too much pressure on their children. However, do others feel the same way? To add some other viewpoints, a student, and their parents were interviewed.

When asked if they thought PTCs were important, the parents said, “Yes, definitely, because it is a one on one moment with the teacher, and this is a rare instance to have.” Although the student agreed, they had a slightly different reason, which was that it helps to analyse the student’s progress. The parents also said that this year’s PTCs were great because they were online, and it was easy to attend from home or work. The student however, found this year’s PTCs unnecessary to attend, so they simply didn’t do them. This shows the contrasting attitudes of students and parents towards PTCs, that students don’t really care about them that much, but parents do. Another question answered, ironically, was if it was necessary for students to be present for the meetings. Here, both parents and student had the same answer: “No, not unless the student isn’t doing well, or if a teacher specifically requests it.” Finally, the last question asked if PTCs needed to be changed in any way. The answer from the parents was; “The only change that PTCs might need is to have them more frequently.” Meanwhile, the student only said that they should be in person rather than online.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that PTCs are quite important. While the reasons for their importance remain based on a person’s opinion, most people would say that they are necessary in order to maintain a parent’s understanding of their child’s progress in school. While some people may disagree with this and say that they aren’t needed, it is important to understand that without PTCs, parents would never understand exactly what their child needs to improve, and achieve their full potential in school.

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