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DAA wrestling team information

Zeid Atassi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

For the first time in Dubai American Academy history, the 2022/23 Leopards sport department is announcing a High school wrestling team; available for all HS grade levels to participate in. Due to being the first year of being active, the team is taking no tryouts, but instead, instant entry to training. As the sport of wrestling may not be seen as popular as other sport teams in which the school offers such as football or basketball, The team offers 3 times a week training for all levels; including never- before wrestlers. The team is being coached by two previous high school wrestlers from the United States with high knowledge on the sport, leaving the attendees of the DAA team in good hands. Hopefully, due to the time and effort put into the three times a week training including one 6am session, the team is able to have success for its introduction year.

As the team was able to build a lot of interest and hype around it due to the uniqueness, I have taken the opportunity to interview one of the wrestling team coaches: Mr. Mechling. Firstly, When asked his opinion on the opening of the wrestling team in DAA, He stated “I’m over the moon, Wrestling is a huge part of my life, and having the opportunity to teach it to students after so many years excites me more and more daily.”

Additionally, Despite the coaches, some future participants have joined in on sharing their opinions on the wrestling team; One of them being Naim Khater. He initially stated “I was highly surprised. As a personal fan of wrestling and mixed martial arts in general; the news excited me as I was finally able to hold a representation of my school in a sport that I hold interest and talent in.” Furthermore, When asked his opinions on the success the wrestling team will hold, He stated: “That i am not sure about yet, I mean we have some very talented players joining, as well as some beginners to the sport; which is also the case for the competitive schools, so we must see where it goes.”

In conclusion, As the sport of wrestling is violent causing people to not participate in such a sport, It is highly beneficial in the art of self defense.Due to this, The decisions taken by DAA to create a wrestling team was highly spoken about. Although not many other schools in Dubai have implemented such a team and idea yet, DAA is still able to face existing wrestling teams including American School of Dubai, and Collegiate American School.

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