DAA Daily

What to Expect This Thanksgiving at DAA

By Audrey Mirzikinian, School News, The Pawprint

This year DAA is giving students and staff Thursday November 24th off as a thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday the 23rd will be filled with Thanksgiving events for high school students. Classes have been shortened to 1 hour lessons to allow for the Thanksgiving feast being prepared.

This Thanksgiving Lunch allows high schoolers to dress up in smart clothing for a lovely meal for students and teachers.This event will take place in the gym and musical performances will take place as well as carving of the turkey. This will allow the opportunity for everyone to reflect on what we are thankful for. Speeches will take place and a chance to thank our amazing support staff for all that they do. The hall will be decorated with beautiful thanksgiving lights. Student government has been working hard to make centerpieces and activities for the table. DAAPA are providing drinks and parents are donating desserts.

This is the first year since COVID the thanksgiving feast will take place in the gym. Previous years it has taken place in classrooms with virtual speeches and announcements. As COVID is over this allows us to come together as a community to reflect on what we are thankful for. It also allows us to thank staff members and our teachers for all their work.

This week students donate $20 dirhams to a charity fundraiser which allows them to dress up the 22nd and 23rd of November. This gets students in the thankful mood as the money goes to the support staff. In return students get to dress up in school appropriate clothing. Our support staff play a big role in the DAA community as they keep our campus beautiful. DAA really gives back to others during this season as the donations go to them. We want to give back to the others that make our learning possible and comfortable.

Students will have Thursday the 24th of November off in honor of the thanksgiving holiday. This allows families to come together and celebrate thanksgiving in their own ways and traditions. DAA is also giving the teachers and staff this day off so they can be with their families. We really want our DAA community to reflect on what they are thankful for. We want DAA to come from a place of gratitude and to be truly thankful for all we have and to give back to others.

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