DAA Daily

Trump Reinstated to Twitter After Elon Musk’s Poll

Caelan Webster, DAA Daily, The Pawprint

Elon Musk hosted a Twitter Poll last friday, in which he asked whether Trump should be allowed to return to Twitter. With 15 million votes, the poll ended with 51.1% saying yes. Elon Musk then confirmed a few hours later that Trump would indeed be let back into the platform. After the announcement, Trump’s account reappeared.

Trump had been banned from Twitter since early 2020, in light of the January 6th riot at Capitol Hill. With Trump running for President once more in 2024, some have speculated that this poll was Musk’s way to gain political influence. Others believe the poll was simply to showcase Twitter’s new “Freedom of Speech” policies, in which Twitter will attempt not to ban any accounts unless that action is agreed upon by a majority of users.

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