DAA Daily

Musk Halves Twitter Staff, Warns of Possible Bankruptcy

By Caelan Webster, DAA Daily, The Pawprint

After Elon Musk purchased Twitter for 44 billion USD, he instantly decided to cut costs by firing half of all employees over email. He stated that Twitter “might face bankruptcy” after the acquisition, and needed to make more revenue to reduce this. Analysts speculate that these tumultuous events could mark the end of the social media platform.

For the remainder of Twitter’s staff, Elon Musk has ordered for all at-home work to cease. From this point forward, those working at Twitter will have to report to the office, where Musk has also warned of “80-hour work weeks”. Most executives have been completely severed from the company, with the few that remain facing the possibility of salary cuts. Consultants inside and out of Twitter believe that this decrease in workplace livelihood may lead to further staff reduction. With the future of Twitter grim, it is hard to predict how Musk plans to mitigate these destructive consequences of his ownership of the platform.

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