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Following the Queen’s death Australia’s questions for a republic spirals

Audrey Mirzikinian, News, The Pawprint

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked questions and ideas about the Commonwealth and fueling debate about whether or not they want to continue with it. Currently the movement to change the system of government in Australia from a constitutional parliamentary monarchy to a republic. Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, wants to focus on other priorities before addressing Australia becoming a republic.

Right now, Australia is in the Commonwealth and has been an active participant for over 70 years. Australia has done an excellent job promoting human rights and democratic norms in the Commonwealth. Australia has been sending millions to the Commonwealth to fund and support them in development programs. They help the citizens rights and protection, and more enhanced prosperity. Not everything in the Commonwealth is perfect, it comes with many cons such as; high living cost, not much diversity, more social responsibility and more.

The question of whether nations should surrender the throne to the people has come up again in wake of the death of the Queen. As much as people want Australia to be a republic, the vote was lost in 1999. The nation was deeply divided over the revealed failed republican referendum. On how to select an Australian head of state, the republicans couldn’t come to an agreement. Anthony Albanses, a center-left prime minister, worked on the issue and fixed it within 6 years. Since then, the monarch has not been challenged.

Adam Bandt tweeted “Our thoughts are with her family and all who loved her. Now Australia must move forward. We need a Treaty with First Nations people, and we need to become a Republic.” Many Austrlians agree with this and many don’t, but they all agree they need to move forward. For most of them the Queen was all they knew and now without her they have to come up with a plan whether it’s to stay in the Commonwealth or leave.

In the past few days the idea of Australia becoming a republic has been booming. Campaigns have been created to “Give Australians a choice we’ve never had before.” (Australian republic movement). A change in the constitution would make Australia more united as the Aussies vote would determine the role held by an Australian who is trusted and respected by the citizens.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II might mean a republic for Australia. Having an Australian be elected from the citizens to make decisions for their country is more reliable than having a king/queen from the uk make decisions. This will be a new battle that will determine the Australians future depending on how much they are willing to fight.

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