DAA Daily

US elections backlash on social media

Paige Sagris, News Editor, The Pawprint DAA

The US elections have received lots of backlash on social media. Many of the polls are suggesting that Republicans are going to get the house and the senate. Many americans are saying how they saw the abortion rights get taken away a couple of months ago.
Republicans want to ban abortion rights nationwide. Same thing with contraception methods.

Republicans want to make sure women don’t have access to birth control and other types of contraception methods that are available.

People have been protesting all over social media trying to understand why women reproductive rights are public business.
Democrats claim and fight for the point of, how can republicans let a 10 year old girl, that could be a victim of rape be forced out to carry a pregnancy full term, have a baby to deal with that trauma then go into a system that will abuse and neglect them. Another example that was used was how a single mother of 2, pregnant with a third child have an ectopic pregnancy and dies because she was denied a life saving abortion.

Social media have tried to portray the fact of why the US elect people who feel they have the right to change the view of a woman’s reproductive system.

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