DAA Daily

The girl was hidden for seven years

By Macy Sagris, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA

erman prosecutors claim that an eight-year-old girl was held for seven years, so the kid’s mother and grandparents are under investigation. At the end of September, she was removed from the home and is now being cared for by her foster parents. According to welfare officials, she has difficulty doing simple tasks like walking upstairs. According to German accounts, she had never seen a field or a forest. Her mother faked their move to Italy to the authorities.

The Attendorn house in the Sauerland area of western Germany is typical. Up a short set of stairs, you’ll find a brown front door. However, prosecutors say that a mother and her parents kept the girl locked away from the outside world for seven years behind these white-painted walls. They think she didn’t interact with anyone else throughout that period, didn’t attend school, and didn’t go outside. There’s no evidence that she was physically abused or malnourished. She’s now under the care of child psychologists.

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