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Top 10 tips for Effective Studying

By Maya Gardner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Do you ever feel like you study for so long but don’t achieve your desired results? Most of the time, students waste their time by reading study books for hours and not actually getting anything from them. I am here to help you pick up some habits that will most certainly help you ace your exams. 

Here are the top 10 studying tips: 

  1. Create a perfect studying environment

The environment that you’re in while studying can effect the outcome of your studying. You need to find a motivating  place, where you are comfortable enough to focus,  but not too comfortable to doze off.You need to make sure to surround  yourself with quiet and calmness so that your brain can focus better. For some people this might mean, a bedroom, desk, couch, local library, or even a nearby cafe.

  1. Sleep

I know, I know, you always hear adults telling you to go to sleep early, but they are actually right. You simply can not perform your best while you are under exhaustion. Your brain and body need to rest so that you can wake up and feel energized before exams.. Sleep has so many benefits for your brain that you are might not  even be aware of. Sleep leads to more creative thinking, proper organization of information, more structured thought process, and removes toxins that you build up while you are awake.You should try to sleep for at least 7 hours a night; however, ideally, teenagers should get 8-10 hours of sleep for optimal performance. 

  1. Reading is not studying

Some study by reading and re-reading content., When you only stick to reading when studying for an exam, you are not engaging with the information that you are meant to learn. Re-reading can lead to quick forgetting the information retained just 10 minutes ago. Although reading content is very important, that should be your pre-studying work. Some active learning styles you can try out include: making symbols to represent concepts, making mind maps, explaining the content to yourself in front of a mirror,creating  a study guide, quizzing yourself…

  1. Set a schedule

Creating a schedule is very important, not does it help you manage your time, but it is also keeps you on track On your calendar, list out the things you need to get done and set an approximate deadline for the task.  Make sure to include brain breaks so that you can reset and go back to your assignment. 

  1. Be a teacher

I don’t actually mean drop out of school and become a teacher. What I mean is, explain the material you are learning as if you are a teacher. As  you are explaining the content,use examples and make connections, of course you can have your notes in your hands at the beginning but eventually you will be able to do it without them. You can be a teacher to yourself in the mirror, your teddy bears, your parents, your friends, or even in your studying group. The benefit of being a teacher is that you will be able to recognize the areas you need practice in and the areas you know well.  Many students use this method and it has been shown to have tremendous outcomes towards a better understanding of their content.

  1. Turn off your phone

Trust me, I know how hard it is to get  away from your phone while studying. It is hard to resist temptations such as  texting your friends and family or go onto TikTok. The interruptions that you get from your phone will break your concentration from your school work.  You might want to place your phone somewhere far away from you, turn off the notifications, or give it to someone that will hide it from you. ou can also download apps that  put a time lock on  social media apps if you think that you would be very tempted. 

  1. Take breaks

Brain breaks are so important for you.Brain breaks are very crucial for you because when you reset your brain by taking a break, your body will increase in its productivity, ability to focus, and energy.Not only are  brain breaks helpful in the short term, but also, in the long term , they help reduce anxiety, frustration, and stress. Take brain breaks, you deserve it!

  1. Snack on brain foods

Keep your brain foods within an arm reach so you wont waste your precious studying time. Eating brain foods is  so incredibly important for you as it helps increase the  energy in your body a  It might be helpful  to steer  clear of foods that are high in sugar, processed carbs, and fat. Some brain foods include:  grapes, dark chocolate, apple slices, nuts… 

  1. Exercise

Ugh, exercise! I know exercise  is  a burden when you have so much stress over school. But scientists have proven that exercise has the potential of growing your brain. Short term physical exercise helps you stay alert and awake when you are studying, helps you with your concentration, improves memory, improves emotional balance , and helps you  with problem solving.  On the other hand, long term exercise can help you out generate new brain cells that increase your ability to absorb information. 

  1.  Join a study group

Studying alone can be very boring and unhelpful  if you do not understand the content. That’s why study groups are there. There are many benefits to joining study groups such as: having fun while studying, learning content quicker,. When you can explain the material to each other  (being a teacher), you are developing teamwork and problem solving skills. You want to make sure that you are picking a study group that will help you and not distract you. o be mindful of the people in your study group. Study groups are there to help you learn better not to distract you.

To sum up everything up, even though studying can feel like such a bore, there are so many ways that can enhance your studying experience and turn it into a fun and productive activity.

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