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By Aananya Sehgal, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Have you ever wondered why there are so many fireworks and lights around Dubai in October? The abundance of Indian music and lights shining as bright as the sun shape Diwali festivities. But what is Diwali?


Diwali is an Indian celebration that lasts 5 days. The date is different each year, in 2017 it was 19-Oct. In 2018 it was the 7th Nov and so on. The date changes. This year it’s Monday, the 24th of October. The 5 days of Diwali are:October 22. The Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodashi. 

October 23: Narak Chaturdashi, also known as Choti Diwali. 

October 24: Diwali. 

October 25: Govardhan Puja. 

October 26: Bhai Dooj.

These are the 5 days of Diwali. Let’s explain each one. On the 1st day, people worship Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi and buy new metals like gold and silver. The 2nd day is called Choti Diwali, (which is translated to “small Diwali”, but in Hindi, it means the day before Diwali.) According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Krishna (an important Indian God) fought a demon and killed him. The 3rd day is the main festive day of Diwali when people praise how Lord Rama (another God) returned home after killing Ravana (a ten-headed evil demon in Hindu mythology). Then people praise the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, who is believed to bless people with luck and prosperity.  The 4th day is Govardhan Puja, where they worship Lord Krishna. Then the 5th and final day is Bhai Dooj. Bhai and Bhaiya are what you call older brothers in Hindi, on Bhai Dooj we celebrate the special bond between brothers and sisters.


Diwali is the biggest holiday celebrated by Indians (and more), it’s the Festival of Lights and is celebrated with fireworks, fairy lights, and lots of gifts and Indian sweets.

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