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Who Was That From She-Hulk?

By Roy Huh, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a Marvel TV show on Disney+. The last episode of the show was released on Thursday, last week. This article will revisit the cameos and characters of the series, and predict what the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and She-Hulk will look like. Beware, this article will contain big spoilers.

The first major character shown in the series is Titania, the main villain for around half of the series, who is based on her comics counterpart and is infamous for being one of She-Hulk’s greatest enemies. Titania’s main power is super strength, which matches well with She-Hulk. It is likely that she will reappear in the MCU some time soon as she is a famous villain.

Fans were also able to see Wong and Emil Blonsky, also known as the Abomination. The reappearance of both characters delighted fans because they are familiar faces in the MCU. Though Wong will most likely return working as the Sorcerer Supreme, or the greatest skilled sorcerer of a given time period, it is not clear on whether Blonsky will be returning as Abomination.

In terms of Emil Blonsky, he and Jennifer meet several wacky super-powered individuals in episode 7.These include: Man-Bull, a villain who was injected with a bull enzyme-based serum, El Águila, a mutant with the powers to generate and discharge powerful electrostatic charge (who also mentioned that he is not a matador, possibly referencing Matador, a cruel bull fighter who was introduced as the enemy of Daredevil), Porcupine, a past US Army scientist who invented a highly sophisticated porcupine suit, Saracen, an ancient vampire and an unfamous adversary of Blade, and finally the Wrecker, whose main weapon is a Asgardian magic-supercharged… crowbar. All of these characters are not very well known, so it is likely that they are used as fillers to surprise major comic fans.

Episode 8 features Daredevil, the fan-favorite who was already teased with the appearance of his mask some episodes before. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Daredevil, or Matt Murdok, is a blind lawyer and superhero who has superhuman senses (except for sight, of course). He appeared in this episode in his classical red-yellow suit, which is the same color scheme as that of the suit he wore in his debut in the comics. He is better known in his dark red suit though, and fans predict that he is getting that all-red suit in his upcoming solo series on Disney+, Daredevil:Born Again. In this episode, the unpopular comics villain Euguene Patilio, or as he introduces himself, Leap-Frog, makes his first MCU debut. Although he appears as an annoying superhero-wannabe teenager in the episode, in the comics he actually goes by a superhero named Frog-Man, and his father is the villain Leap-Frog. Frog-Man aids Spiderman and Captain America in the comics, while Leap-Frog was a minor enemy of Daredevil. Fans will have to see whether Euguene will return as a sidekick superhero, or never show up again in the MCU.
The last episode that aired last Thursday showcases a rather bizarre ending, but also introduced Hulk’s son, Skaar. Skaar lll is the son of Hulk and Caiera – a skilled fighter from Sakaar (the planet shown in Thor: Ragnarok) who has the ability to channel the planet’s energy and utilize it. Skaar goes on to become both a hero and villain during different times of his life, and it is a huge mystery on what path the MCU will take with Skaar.

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