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The Sheik of the UAE meets the Caesar of Russia!

By Ali Radwan, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The United Arab Emirates, once again, showed the world that they are one the most progressive leaders of the Middle East as the country is able to carefully balance the neutrality of their global involvement and their economic development. The UAE’s goal is to be a powerful and impactful force in the world. They have demonstrated this through many humanitarian endeavors and economic alliances. His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyann recently paid a visit to the Russian Federation and met with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to capitalize on their rich history of coordinating on many regional and global issues. During Putin’s visit to the UAE in 2019, according to Emirates News Agency he said that the “strategic alliance between Russia and the UAE is considered one of the most important alliances of Russia in the Middle East.” 

One of the goals of the meeting, according to a spokesperson from the UAE Mr, Anwar Kirkash, was to discuss and “achieve positive results for military de-escalation [in Ukraine], the reduction of humanitarian repercussions and the achievement of a political

agreement to reach peace and security”. Both leaders aim to focus and maximize on the countries’ “friendly relations,” alongside “regional and international issues and developments of common interest.” Another point of discussion, in light of the recent OPEC+ restrictions on the United States, is the effects of cutting the amount of oil being exported to the west and the implications of those restrictions on the US and its traditional Gulf allies. 

This meeting that occurred on the 11th of October 2022 was the third round of direct talks between the two leaders, following calls in March and May this year when they discussed bilateral relations, the energy dossier and other regional and international issues. It is clear that the two leaders have a good rapport with each other. The talks were friendly and Putin described the meeting as “an important factor of stability” in the world “despite all the difficulties that exist in international relations today.” The UAE was happy with the outcome of the meeting, stating that several important issues were addressed, including the Ukraine crisis. It is clear that this meeting was a success in the eyes of both countries.

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