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The importance of Mixed Martial Arts

By Zeid Atassi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Martial arts is key to achieving self defense and self confidence. There are various types of martial arts that specialize in different aspects. All types of martial arts work towards the betterment of one’s physical strength and physical skills. Also,martial arts can develop one’s self esteem and discipline.

Martial arts is open to all types of people regardless of age or weight class. People join martial arts with different goals and intentions such as: weight loss, to learn the bases of self defense,  just for the show… Almost all people who join martial arts begin to fall in love with it with time, training, and commitment. 

Furthermore, it usually takes people quite some time to figure out the type of martial arts that works best for them. The different types include: Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and general mixed martial arts. 

Martial arts encompasses both positive and negative aspects. Although the sport has more pros, there are several cons that relate to MMA. Firstly and most importantly, any form of mixed martial arts can lead to injuries ranging from life threatening injuries such as broken bones and brain damage, to minor injuries such as bruises and pulled muscles. Most martial arts fighters, no matter their skillset or size, have injured themselves as it is a part of the art. Despite this, many fighters see this as a motivation to keep on going and become stronger. Many martial artists believe that one is not a true fighter until he has endured pain. For this sole purpose, artists strive to: achieve a black belt in their respected art, win tournaments or fights, and fight for a mixed martial arts organization such as the UFC.

In conclusion, although martial arts is one of the most violent sports, its positives outweigh its negative aspects as it highly develops one’s self esteem, mental and physical strength; Some martial artists may even consider it “therapy”.

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